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3 easy ways to get a healthy body weight!

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Are you not confused about the many fad diets available? Please don't get caught up in the hype. The idea that you can stick to a restrictive diet, may work for a time but not permanently.

Statistically about 90% of gain back their lost weight within two years. The trick is to avoid the short term approach of loosing weight and to loose weight through adapting healthy lifestyle.

This is primarily comprised of
1.Eating fresh food at the right portion sizes
2.Exercising regularly
3.Keeping a positive attitude

Here are our top 3 tips of getting to healthy body weight.

1. Eat Fresh Foods


Avoid packaged foods at all costs when you go to the supermarket. They are usually highly processed(contain lots of additives to increase shelf live), have high kilo joules and low fibers.

They are usually so energy dense that one can only gain weight. Also, if anyone watches Gordon Ramsey's TV show Kitchen Nightmares, I am sure you know that right fresh food always tastes best!

2. Drink a lot of Water.

The human body is so good at taking care of itself that drinking enough water will rapidly support getting to a healthy weight. Avoiding alcohol, soft drinks, fruit juices and lattes will go a long way of reducing your daily kilo joules intake.

You can have them but only on special occasions like on the weekend. But this shouldn't give you the licence to binge drink on Saturday night either. Use them to treat yourself for sticking to drinking water all weekday.

3. Simple is always better

Failure is almost certain if your plan on loosing weight is complicated and too aggressive. Adapting these healthy habits and excising should not be complicated.

Don't try and exercise everyday, start with 1-2 times a week and stick with it. If you get any complicated advise know that it will probably not work in the long term.

So, eat well, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. Anything complicated and restrictive will probably not be worth it in the long term.

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