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Why Your Body Needs Water?

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Many of us are aware of the importance of water for life. However has anyone ever questioned why we need so much water?

A wonderful TedEd video explains this beautifully. Drinking water everyday is very important for your body than you ever thought.


You loose two to three litters of water everyday via sweating, urinating, bowel movements and even breathing. Everyone need to compensate this everyday through drinking fluids, especially water. The current recommendation is 2 to 3.7 litres; this is about 8.5 to 15 cups daily. The exact amount of water to take depends on your sex, weight, environment and even your general health.

Water is probably a perfect hydrator for you but drinking tea, coffee, fresh fruits and veggies are wonderful sources of hydrating yourself. They also end up providing a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

Let us know how many cups of water you normally drink daily?

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