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Sugar destroys your body! Use a new online tool to see how.

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Many of you are guilty of eating too much sugar yet, many of us still continue eating it. I also eat it on a daily basis and sometimes in large amounts.

So I always ask myself, what it will take to change my bad sugar eating habits? I think if I know which of my organs will be harmed and areas of my body will be most affected by sugar, I might consider changing my unhealthy ways.

Sugar has major effects on your brain. Some top researchers have highlighted that sugar can contribute to depression and anxiety caused by sudden energy spikes followed by intense crashes.

Neurotransmitters that control our mood are also usually affected and has been linked to dementia in later life. There is a new online tool that allows one understand the consequence of excess sugar on the body. This online tool is called Benenden.

Sugary substances have been shown to contribute to damages in the Kidney, stomach and genitals. Women with high blood glucose are correlated with yeast infections such as thrush. Erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive can result in men with high blood.

In kids the heart, bones and immune system are negatively affected. Obesity is also a major result of increased intake of sugar.

The recommended daily sugar intake in adults is 30 grams per day (its about 8 tea spoons). Many people are consuming almost double of that. the current average intake 58.8 grams. 

Convince yourself to stop taking too much sugar by using the tool, Benenden. Try it for yourself and leave a comment with your experience.

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