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No More Inflammatory Osteoarthritis and Gout with Cherries !

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Cherries are filled with potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants which help our bodies stay healthy and fight off diseases. These mouth-watering fruits contribute to normal cell development due to the high level of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and quercetin. These also have anti/ inflammatory qualities which can help reduce inflammatory osteoarthritis and gout.

Cherries, based on medical research, have been shown to reduce heart diseases, muscle pain and even stroke. Eventhough, larger studies are required to show a cause-effect relationship, the growing evidence of scientific research shows high cherry consumption affects some types of arthritis especially inflammatory osteoarthritis and gout.

Evidence from various top universities and research institutions support this. For further information see below

Havard University

John Hopkins University

Western Human Nutrition Research Center

University of Pennsylvania 

Boston University

Ofcourse, eating a lot of cherries may increase weight gain, which may worsen arthritis symptoms for some people. An alternative is Vitaspark, it is a new supplement that is made of cherry extracts. It has all the nutrients one would get from eating cherries but without the calories (hence no weight gain). It is also very convenient to take simple cherry capsules than eating kilos of cherries every day. Visit for more information.  

In conclusion, there are a lot of health benefits of cherries which includes reducing symptoms of inflammatory osteoarthritis and gout.

photo credit: Cherries via photopin (license)

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