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Vitamin D reduces osteoarthritis symptoms in overweight people

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

In a recent publication in the Clinical Journal of Pain, University of Florida and University of Alabama have highlighted that Vitamin D intake improves osteoarthritis symptoms in overweight people.

Blood samples from 256 adults were analysed for Vitamin D levels. These 256 adults also reported on pain levels of their Knee osteoarthritis and their ability to balance, ability to walk and ability to stand from a sitting state. 126 individuals out of the 256 were obese, of whom 68 people were vitamin D deficient. 130 were not obese, of which only 29 were vitamin D deficient. This suggests that obese individuals have lower levels of vitamin D. Surprisingly, however, inidividuals who were obese with higher levels of Vitamin D had better functional ability compared to those that had lower Vitamin D levels.

Why is VItamin D lower in obese individuals? Vitamin D has been shown to be stored on fat tissue instead of circulating in the blood around the body. How can an arthritis patient benefit from the results of this study? Obese individuals with chronic pain from arthritis should discuss Vitamin D supplementation with their GP.

Sources of Vitamin D

Natural sources
- sunlight

Dietary sources
-oily fish - salmon, sardines, mackerel
-fortified fat spreads
-breakfast cereals

photo credit: Vitamin D via photopin (license)

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