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Skyrocket Stamina and Muscle Recovery with Cherries and Beetroot - Clinically Proven

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In recent times, many sport nutrition products exist that claim to improve performance and stamina. However, many of them don't have solid research base behind them. These include combinations of micronutrients and herbs which some athletes find helpful yet without trustworthy research backing it.

If you are currently not including cherries and beetroot as part of you nutritional guide. I strongly recommend you to reconsider.

Over the last few years, medical research labs at various universities have shown the benefit of cherries and beetroot over and over again. There must be at least some level of truth to this claim for these universities to consistently and frequently report these findings.


To highlight the benefits of cherries and beetroot and show you how you can take advanctage as an endurance athlete.

Numerous research studies have been published by University of Exeter, Saint Louis University and Maastricht University Medical Centres showing benefits of Beetroots. Beetroots increase stamina and endurance sport performance.

Cherries have been shown to increase muscle recovery and allow for better sleep. This was published by University of Vermont, London South Bank University and Northumbria University.

Vitaspark is a natural supplement made of cherry and beetroot extracts for endurance sport athletes to skyrocket stamina and muscle recovery. Athletes Love it!! (Click Here)

Normally, one capsule to be taken Mornings and another in the evening. During training or competition days, one should be taken for the morning, one for the afternoon and one for the evening.

For any questions, send an email to

Just so you know:
The last Olympics saw several athletes mention their use of beetroot and cherries as part of their nutrition strategies, including gold medal winning Paralympian David Weir


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