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The Magic Bullet to Recover Faster from Training!

Posted by Richmond Bergner on


Cherry which normally contains a lot of antioxidants has been used for many years by gout and arthritis patients to control their inflammatory conditions. Now, this wonder treatment has been kidnapped by high performance athletes to aid recovery after training sessions. 

The London Irish RFC have conducted a few trials to show its effectiveness. Many Premiership and International rugby Teams (Wasps, Scotland RFU etc.), Premier Football teams based in London and Manchester, the British Cycling squad, Lawn Tennis Association, Top Mix martial Arts and many international athletes.

Sport Scientist at London South bank University have also tested tested beetroot as a supplement for athletes.

The found out that "Despite this the extent of muscle damage as indicated by serum creatine kinase activity was similar between trials. This suggests that although the supplement speeds functional recovery, the extent of muscle damage which may underlie chronic training adaptations, is not compromised".

More benefits of cherries and beetroots are just being discovered and here at Vitanana we want everyone to take advantages of any new and positive medical advances.

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