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Tart Cherry Juice Reduces Pain in Athletes

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Tart Cherry Juice is a new drink for athletes as top scientists have found it reduces pain after running.

Athletes who drank the tart cherry juice during long distance training showed increased endurance than those who did not. This new discovery has been explained by the increased levels of inflammatory power of the Tart cherry juice. It has been shown to be attributed to antioxidant compounds such as athocyanins. this is what give tart cherry juice its bright red colour. 

As tart cherry juice is currently hailed as the novel sport drink scientists argue that it may be better than some over the counter medications to lower muscle pain.

Top medical research has already highlighted the many benefits of tart cherry juice which includes reduction in inflammation in heart disease, arthritis, and fibromyaglia. 

In this clinical trial 60 adults between 18 and 50 drank 300 grams equivalent of tart cherry juice twice daily before exercise sessions. These individuals had far less muscle pain and thereby increasing endurance and stamina.

A top Sport physician, Dr. Kerry Keuhl went on to say "For most runners, post-race treatment consists of RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation – and traditional NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). But NSAIDS can have adverse effects – negative effects you may be able to avoid by using a natural, whole food alternative, like tart cherry juice, to reduce muscle inflammation before exercise."

To avoid drinking tons of tart cherry juice everyday and avoid the excess sugar with which it comes, Vitanana Ltd. has put a new product together called Vitaspark which is derived from tart cherry juice.

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