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Cherry will Eliminate Insomnia or Sleep Apnea !

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Its that time of the year again where insomnia or sleep apneas is drawing in. The reduction in daylight hours can contribute to depression and seasonal affective disorders. All these contribute but sleep pattersn and ultimately contribute to insomnia or sleep apnea.

If you have any trouble falling asleep a cherry capsule(Vitaspark) can help you fall asleep more easily. The cherries in Vitaspark contain a natural source of melatonin which will drive restful and enjoyable sleep by avoiding insomnia or sleep apnea.

In 2010, world class researchers at Northumbria University highlighted that cherries increase melatonin in individuals. The volunteers were given 30ml og Montmorency cherrys and another group were given a placebo(fake version) twice daily for seven days. The sensors measured the sleep wake cycles and kept records of their sleep patterns. There were about 30 minutes increase in sleep time in the individuals that actually drunk the cherry juice. the sleep quality also increased by 6% and there was no insomnia oe sleep apnea.

Apart from the fact that the melatonin found in cherries regulate sleep, other researchers also suggest proanthocyandinis from the red pigment of cherries also provide some sleep benefits

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