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Is sleep apnea connected to gout attacks?

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

A new study has associated sleep apnea with gout. Gout is a painful disease that affects joints (eg. big toe). This is usually caused by an elevated level of blood uric acid.

An observational study has highlighted that individuals with
sleep apnea have an increased prevalence of excess uric acid. However, until this study scientists were not sure if this contributed to elevated gout incidence.

A study in Arthritis & Rheumatology reported of World class scientists who studied 9,865 individuals who have sleep apnea and matched them to 43,598 individuals who don't have sleep apnea (controls). The participants were matched for BMI as sleep apnea has been previously associated with
being overweight.

following a year, of normalization and comparing with controls, people with sleep apnea were approximately 50% less likely to have a gout attack.

This suggests that treating sleep apnea may reduce gout attacks. However, the study designers suggest further studies will be required to test the effect of treating sleep apnea on blood uric acid and the associated risk on gout attacks. 

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