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Are You Not Getting Enough Vitamins & Minerals?

Posted by Richmond Bergner on


In the time it took you to read the title of this document and first sentence, a child died of malnutrition. The World food program USA says a child dies of malnutrition every six seconds. Even though most of these deaths happen in developing economies, malnutrition occurs here in the USA and UK too. Many usually think of starvation when they think of malnutrition, however, being obese and eating lacking important minerals and vitamins is also malnutrition. Actually it is the biggest source of malnutrition in the developed countries. Being malnourished impacts a lot of major functions and abilities of the body.

This includes

  1. Physical and Mental Function
  2. Low Immunity
  3. Brittle Bones
  4. Poor Oral Health

Vitanana a new team based in UK, have made it their top priority to stop this by educating people about the best way to deal with malnutrition in the developed parts of the world. One Top researcher on the team suggested using 100% organic and natural supplements which are usually extracts from plants and fruits. He mentioned this is very much better than the chemicals produced in that labs and sold as vitamins and minerals. The side effects of these non-natural supplements can be dangerous for long term health.

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