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Knock out your cold with Vitamin C

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Can Vitamin C really help against colds?

It is a generally an accepted concept that vitamin C is able to help against common colds. Yet, what most people are not aware of is this, that the amount of vitamin C in a jug of orange juice in no where near enough to kick out a cold. You will need to drink 4 to 5 jugs of orange juice to get a real benefit from Vitamin C. Moreover, people also forget how much sugar is packed into this jug of orange juice. If we actually take a critical look, orange juice contains similar amounts of sugar as a coca cola. Yes, I couldn't believe that myself! A high dose of vitamin C is what you need, not diabetes (from the excess sugar!!!).

I am sure you are thinking to yourself that it is not possible to cure you cold with vitamin C. I am here to tell you "You can" and I will show you how.

The TRICK is to take Vitamin C when you feel the symptoms coming on. Most people can tell if they are coming down with something. For me I notice when I start to get a ore throat, coughing, sneezing, or a runny or stuffy nose. I never just suddenly got a cold, it is always progressive.

The cold virus build up over time in your body until it becomes full blown in your body. Antibiotics will not stop it. You need to stop that crazy cold at the early stages with vitamin C. I promise you this is what I have been doing and I have had no cold yet.

to be continued.....................................................

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