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Top Benefits of organic Hemp Protein Powder

Posted by Richmond Bergner on

Organic hemp protein powder is the best protein powder to be digessed by your body. Hemp protein powders digest better than whey and soy. It also contains a diverse range of branch chain amino acids which are not available in whey or soy.

Once absorbed by your body it is readily used by your body due to the elevated enzyme levels. Hemp is made of very strongly structured proteins, which drives strong muscle fibre formation in your body.

Benefits of Hemp Protein

The many benefits of organic Hemp include:

-contains a larger variety of amino acids than meat, milk or eggs

-Hemp protein powder is a full protein source which is more digestible than whey and soy

-Hemp protein powders usually contains about 45% oil, 80% of which is Omega and other essential fats.

-It has a high content of omega 3 fats than any fish available.

-Hemp Protein powders have more energy than energy bars or drinks. It contains no sugar, gluten, milk, nuts or meat.

If you’re looking for the best advantage you can get, then you must include some organic hemp protein to your pre and post workout or sporting events. You won’t need to add extra sugar or dextrose because it has all the levels of natural carbs you will need.

Just mix the hemp protein powder with ionic water or juice and add your favorite ingredients, Nitric Oxide, Micronized Creatine (they are already in the proper ratio of carbs to protein and omega’s) or other natural supplements for an incredibly productive workout or sporting event.

Vitanana Hemp Protein Powder

Vitanana hemp powder provides complete, balanced and natural protein from hemp (46.4g per 100g), as well as a broad range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients from 15 other superfoods and herbs. It beats single-ingredient protein powders hands-down!

This unique blend contains all essential amino acids and is rich in omega oils (including essential fatty acids) and dietary fibre, which is beneficial for a healthy colon and stable blood sugar levels.

It is easily digestible and does not cause bloating or flatulence, which many people experience with dairy-based protein powders - an ideal alternative to whey and soya.

Unlike many other hemp protein powders on the market, Hemp powder contains no hexane or other toxic chemicals, which are often used during the hemp protein extraction process. Our hemp protein is extracted using only water, pressure and then flocculation.

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