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Relief Your Arthritis Now!

Dear Friend,

Are you ready to finally get relief from arthritis and enjoy your life?

Vitaspark was developed from a unique blend of scientific knowledge and understanding of the benefits of natural sources.

 Vitaspark is a combination Montmorency cherry and beetroot capsules (4500mg),  PLUS black pepper, turmeric (95% curcumin) and vitamin B6. This makes it 10x more potent than any other brand.

Cherries are filled with potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants which help our bodies stay healthy and fight off diseases.

These mouth-watering fruits contribute to normal cell development due to the high level of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and quercetin.

Beetroot is a good source of iron and folate (naturally occurring folic acid). It also contains nitrates, betaine, magnesium and other antioxidants (notably betacyanin).


These antioxidants have anti- inflammatory qualities that reduce arthritis symptoms.


Additionally cherries, based on medical research, have been shown to reduce heart diseases, muscle pain and even strokeMore recent health claims also suggest beetroot can help lower blood pressure, boost exercise performance and prevent dementia






Arthritis Pain Relief 

No more Stiffness 

No more Swelling

100% Natural (No Side Effects) 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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Vitaspark is used by thousands and here are some testimonials. 95% of people that have tried this product have come back for more - saying it has helped them enormously.





Goods arrived very promptly. Good service and the pills seem to be working well for me. Francoise C.


excellent product. this is only my second lot of these capsules but I am finding them very good for my arthritis if price stays the same for some time I shall continue with them. Valerie P.


Pleased with the out come so far. Robina B. 


After taking these tablets, felt improvement.Would recommend. Carol C. 




"I just wanted to say that I am 42 years old and have Osteoarthritis for a couple of years now, in my shoulders, neck, spine and knees....The pain was getting unbearable, and even pain killers were no help. Then I read the article about the Vitaspark, I've never been a believer in herbal tablets so was not too keen, but thought I would try anything as I was miserable all the time. I started taking them thinking oh yeah like these are going to make a difference, but to my amazement after roughly 7 weeks I couldnt believe the difference they have made to my life, I feel like new, although I know its there it's pain free and only feel the odd twinge when had a heavy day at work, normally my evenings would be me laid on sofa beside myself in pain. Now, Nothing, I'm stunned to say the least and now order every month and im passing this info on to some people I know who have it who are now trying it too...Thanks for making my life bearable again!" S Farr


 I have recommended these capsules to anyone who has pain from arthritis and given them the web address. " S. Graham


"Before I started taking your Vitaspark capsules I was a sceptic about herbal remedies. My GP referred me to physio for very stiff painful arthritic knees my mobility was very restricted I was using a walking stick stairs were a nightmare, the hospital Physio advised me to take pain killers for the pain, the info on the packet said that the product could be addictive I was not going to spend the rest of my life addicted to painkillers. My sister advised me to take vitaspark as it had helped her, In desperation I took Vitaspark capsules, (As I am on prescription drugs Warfarin I OK'd the taking of vitaspark caps with the Path Lab after few weeks my INR was stable). Within 3 days of starting Vitaspark capsules I was feeling some relief from the pain in my knees and now 1 month later I am no longer using a walking stick and walking up and down stairs life is becoming easier, I shall continue taking the Vitaspark capsules and am looking forward to full mobility " Ginny H.


 "I and my very brain damaged wife have been taking your vitaspark capsules for a number of years now. I honestly believe that they have made a significant improvement to both my wife and my life. My wife had an unsuccessful knee operation eleven years ago because of arthritis, due to her medical situation she was unable to have a replacement knee fitted. She was in constant pain and did not know why. She did not sleep well and both she and i were constantly tired. Together with her other health problems, life was difficult. I also have arthritis in my hands and back. Caring for my wife who needs 24 hour care means I have limited free time. I am a keen golfer but due to a very arthritic left thumb I could not grip a club without pain. I was told I would need an operation but would no longer have use of the thumb. To cut a long story short: my wife now seldom complains of a bad knee and I can now play golf mostly pain free. I truly believe this is due to the Vitaspark capsules. I would like to thank you all for your service your pleasant and helpful manner. I would certainly recommend Vitanana Vitaspark and yourselves." T Eaglestone


"I am so pleased with the results after taking these capsules the swelling on my knees has gone down completley and I am able to walk a lot better now than I did before I started taking them. I would recommend any one who is suffering with joint problems to give them a go because I think they are fantastic if you are able to walk normal again. I am about to order my next lot before I run out as I don't want that awful pain back again so thank you very much for such a wonderful product. " SJB


"Just wanted to say what a great product. I like others had arthritis in my knee, making it difficult to walk, so walking the dog had to be limited. After taking the Vitaspark and just after a few weeks have noticed a difference. Am able to walk my dog on her usual 4 miles now ! I would recommend anyone giving it a try, I did, and its helped. Just ordered more!! " Sylvia R






Try it yourself and if you are not satisfied return the used container within 60 days for a full refund of the product price!